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Hand Selected Wines

Simply Corked showcases limited-production wines that meet comprehensive requirements for taste, quality and craft. Explore the very best wines available from exclusive vintners of California wine country.
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Qualified Recommendations

People who share similar tastes make the best wine recommendations. Share finds among friends, follow your favorite experts and their latest ratings, and read insightful reviews to learn more about new wines and events. Tell Us If You’re a Wine Expert
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Exclusive Offers

Enjoy Simply Corked advantages typically shared only with winery clubs and private groups. Discover exclusive early bottle releases, limited offers to buy hidden-gem wines, and insider invitations to exclusive events.
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Supporting the Wineries

Unlike typical wine sellers and distributors, Simply Corked connects wineries directly with you to make more unique and informed buys. Join us in the goal to support family wineries and talented winemakers who share your passion. Winery inquiries